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Josh Trank
Director Josh Trank on the set of FANTASTIC FOUR (2015).

FANTASTIC FOUR: Shocking Details of the Behavior of Josh Trank Emerge

Josh Trank Lawyers Up As Shocking Details About His On Set Behaviour Emerge

Source: Comicbookmovie.com & THR

Well, I guess something about regarding the troubled making of this film had to emerge. It seems as if the rumors regarding director Josh Trank and his behavior on the set of Fantastic Four are quite true and awful revealing.

The Hollywood Reporter recently posted an article unveiling the pretty shocking on set behavior of Josh Trank. If we are to go based off these details, then a large portion of the Fantastic Four failure should no doubt be put on Josh Trank.

After sending an email to select members of the cast days before the movie was released in which he said Fantastic Four was “better than 99 percent of the comic-book movies ever made,” he received a response from one cast member with only: “I don’t think so.” Ouch. With Fox furious about his now deleted Tweet about the movie, the trade reveals that pit-bull lawyer Marty Singer has been hired to advocate on Trank’s behalf. So, what exactly happened on set?

Here are the highlights Comicbookmovie.com has pointed out:
  • Trank apparently didn’t produce good enough material to ever create a film which could be salvaged, and refused help from the studio and producers. “He holed up in a tent and cut himself off from everybody,” one insider tells the site. “He built a black tent around his monitor. He was extremely withdrawn. [He] would go to his trailer and he wouldn’t interact with anybody.”
  • While Fox initially had faith in Trank’s vision of a grounded and gritty Fantastic Four movie, it appears as if the filmmaker took that too far as he forced a gloomy tone on the movie by obsessing over the cast’s performance. “During takes, he would be telling [cast members] when to blink and when to breathe. He kept pushing them to make the performance as flat as possible.”
  • You may remember some time ago that Josh Trank and his dogs were accused of causing as much as $100,000 worth of damage to a house which was rented for him in Baton Rouge by Fox. After landlord Martin Padial made moves to evict the director,“photographs of the landlord’s family that were in the house were defaced. Padial made a complaint to the local sheriff’s department and filed a civil suit in Louisiana that is sealed.The sheriff’s department says the case was ‘closed as a civil matter between landlord and tenant.'”
  • Before you completely blame Trank for how Fantastic Four turned out, one source says that the movie was always “ill-conceived, made for the wrong reasons and there was no vision behind the property.” Fox were terrified of losing the rights to Marvel and the reboot was in chaos before shooting even started. They “were afraid of losing the rights so they pressed forward and didn’t surround [Trank] with help or fire him. They buried their heads in the sand.”
  • While they initially considered firing Trank, Fox had faith in the director and believed he could be the next J.J. Abrams. However, as it became apparent that he couldn’t cope with the movie, it was simply to late to ditch him. “How do you ask someone to take over half of a movie shot by someone else? You either hire somebody desperate for work or you [start over], write off pretty much the whole budget and lose the cast.” Fair point!
  • Those reshoots have been blamed for the poor quality of Fantastic Four, but the movie apparently didn’t even have an ending when shooting concluded. Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker scrambled to come up with something, but the former’s busy schedule and the fact that much of the cast was unavailable led to “a lot of material was shot with doubles and the production moved to Los Angeles to film scenes with Teller against a green screen. ‘It was chaos,’ says a crew member, adding that Trank was still in attendance ‘but was neutralized by a committee.'”

So for those keeping track, among the notable things Josh Trank did was telling actors when to blink, hiding in a tent during shooting, and defacing photos of the family who owned the house he allegedly wrecked.

What about the Star Wars film Trank was supposed to direct?

Josh Trank

Because of his on set Fantastic Four behavior, Josh Trank was forced to leave an upcoming Star Wars standalone film.

According to EW, in addition to Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One, about Rebel efforts to steal the original Death Star plans, which is shooting now, and the upcoming young Han Solo movie, there’s a third anthology movie is in the works — but it hit a snag. The third film is the one Josh Trank was set to direct, and they still haven’t found his replacement

Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy did provide an update on the state of that movie, which has not yet hired a new director. In short: don’t worry, it’s not going away.

“It’s still one of the stories that we absolutely want to tell,” she says. “There is a lot of innovative technology in and around what it is we’re doing with that story, so for a lot of reasons, we were comfortable postponing that. But we’re definitely still developing it.”

It doesn’t have a date, but it will probably come in 2020, after the conclusion of this new trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.

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