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2015 Emmy Awards: Links & Reactions From Around the Web

The Emmys Just Spoiled the Endings of a Bunch of Shows – and the Internet Is Mad


Spoiler alert! 


A tribute to all the TV series that went off the air over the past year went horribly wrong at the 2015 Emmys in Los Angeles on Sunday night after the awards show ended up spoiling the endings to multiple shows. And, as we all know, Twitter does not take kindly to spoilers.

“I would like to thank the #Emmys for showing all the endings from all the TV shows without a spoiler alert warning,” wrote one user.

“The #Emmys spoiled the endings to basically every show this year…” added another, attaching a video of the offending tribute (and spoiling the endings of Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy himself).

“Thank you #Emmys for just ruining half of the series finale endings of shows still unwatched on my DVR,” a third wrote.

“Did the Emmys realllllly have to ruin the endings of all of those shows?!?! #butimalmostfinishedSOA,” a fourth lamented.

Did the Emmys realllllly have to ruin the endings of all of those shows?!?!#butimalmostfinishedSOA

— Macy Burke (@Maceface11) September 21, 2015

Hey, Emmys? A word of advice: Next time, maybe just choose the second to last shot.

Fox aired the 2015 Emmy Awards, hosted by Andy Samberg, live on Sept. 20.

Watch Host Andy Samberg’s Strong Opening to the 2015 EMMY Awards [VIDEOS]


Andy Samberg hit a homerun at the top of his Emmy Awards hosting gig, starting, as promised, with one of his pre-taped musical videos loved by his fans and social media.

In the I Watched Every Show video, Samberg poked fun at all the talk among industry execs and pundits about the overwhelming quantity of content being churned out for small-screen viewing this day. Being named to host the Emmys he had to go hide in an underground bunker for a year to catch up, singing  ‘I’ll lock myself away, cast myself aside, they treat me like a leper and so like a leper I’ll hide. And once I fulfill my destiny, I shall return.’

Also as promised, the video included lots of pals making cameos, including Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington and Nathan Fillion who asked if he’d watched Castle – sending Samberg scurrying back into his bunker for another 151 hours.

Concluding the musical number, in which he paid homage to Billy Crystal’s Oscar-opening videos, he concluded, ‘I’m the only one qualified to be hosting because I watched every damn show.’

‘And, I’m white.’

Nope, Samberg did not shy away from industry controversy:

‘The big story this year is diversity. This is the most diverse group in Emmy history. Congratulations Hollywood! You did it! Racism is over! Don’t fact check that.’

But he only rapped Hollywood’s knuckles lightly, because that’s how it’s done on Hollywood trophy shows, turning his skewering quickly to politics:

Donald Trump is running for president…Sure Donald Trump seems racist. What else?’

‘Is it just me or does Bernie Sanders always look like his flight is delayed? The guy’s a mess.’

‘Paula Deen is on this season’s Dancing With The Stars. If I wanted to watch an intolerant woman dancing I would have gone to one of Kim Davies four wedding.’

‘It’s so ironic,” he said of Davis having emerged from prison to the tune ‘Eye of the Tiger’ ‘when think how many dudes boned each other to that song.’

When asked early last month what kind of Emmy host he hopes to be tonight, Andy Samberg told a gaggle of TV critics gathered in Los Angeles, ‘I think, hopefully, a funny one,’ calling Golden Globe Awards hosts/SNL alums Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler ‘the standard” for trophy-show hosting, owing to their ability to “keep it feeling really loose with a lot of really good writing underneath that.’

‘I’ll try and do whatever version of it we come to, and we’ll try as much as we can and sift through the stuff and pick the best stuff,’ he added. He did not single out SNL alum Seth Meyers, whose straightforward, old-school opener as host of last year’s Emmy ceremony was considered a terrific showcase for viewers who had not yet sampled his NBC late-night show, but was not the kind of opener people are still talking about months later. Samberg made good on his plan to extend a wide net that will include SNL pals, and that his writing team includes Scott Aukerman and the staff of Comedy Bang! Bang! He also plans to reach out to his Lonely Island team. ‘They will want to do something if we think of the right thing,” he said. ‘But we’re not going to force it if it’s not right.’ Samberg also promised,  ‘I’d be surprised if there’s nothing pre-taped. That’s where I’ve had the most success in the past.’

A couple weeks later, Samberg dropped his first promo for tonight’s gig, in which he listed the seven not-so-dirty words you can say on television, setting up what may be the driest Emmy drinking game ever: corkscrew, ‘kumquat,’ ‘shuttlecock,’ ‘dictaphone,’ ‘annals,’ ‘shan’t,’ and ‘but.’

Okay, ‘but’ helps a lot.

Andy Samberg Skewers Bill Cosby, Donald Trump in Opening Monologue [VIDEO]



Andy Samberg didn’t hold back during his opening monologue at the 67th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. After a skit that gave new meaning to the term “binge watch” by descending into a viewing bunker for complete dedication, Samberg unloaded on his targets.


After introducing himself as the host of the evening, the Saturday Night Live vet pointed out that the Emmys have been hosted by “legendary people like Robert Blake and Bill Cosby,” before joking, “Oh no, I’ve got to get out of here.”

Referencing Jared Fogle, ex-Subway spokesman who recently admitted that he had sex with at least two minors and obtained child pornography, the evening’s host noted it certainly “wasn’t a good year for dudes who love hoagies.”


Samberg, 37, who currently stars as Det. Jake Peralta on the Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, also put Donald Trump on blast.

“Donald Trump, of course, is running for president – to the delight of uncles everywhere,” said Samberg. “But I’ve got to say, Trump seems racist … what else?”

“Side note: Is it just me or does Bernie Sanders always look like his flight is delayed?” added Samberg of the Democratic presidential hopeful. “Guy’s a mess!”


Paula Deen is on Dancing With the Stars– I’ve got to say, if I wanted to see an intolerant lady dance I would have gone to one of Kim Davis‘ four weddings!” said Samberg, in reference to the Kentucky clerk who was jailed (and then freed) for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“It’s so ironic that she came out of jail to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ when you consider how many dudes have boned each other to that song,” added Samberg for a final touch.


“It’s been a year of goodbyes,” said Samberg. “Goodbye to Mad Men, goodbye to Parks and Recreation … And we also said goodbye to True Detective, even though it’s still on the air,” he said in reference to the HBO show’s recent season, which disappointed many viewers.

The entertainer also joked that the “big story this year, of course, is diversity.”

“This is the most diverse group of nominees in Emmy history,” he said. “Racism is over – don’t fact check that.”

GAME OF THRONES Wins Best Drama Series



With a smashing of the genre barrier tonight, the HBO blockbuster based on George R.R. Martin’s novels has taken the TV crown. Game Of Thrones won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. This is the fourth consecutive year GOT has been nominated in the category and comes as the show tops the 67th Primetime Emmys as the most nominated show of the year with its fifth season in play for 24 awards.

In his thank you speech from a very very packed stage, EP David Benioff  praised HBO “’or believing in dragons.’

The TV Academy members have already been very good to Game Of Thronesthis year with so many wins tonight and last weekend at the Creative Emmys that the show now holds the record for most wins in a single year. The win that put GoT over the top was David Nutter’s Best Directing Drama victory but Peter Dinklage’s second win for Best Supporting Actor Drama truly left previous record holder The West Wing in the dust. It’s worth noting that this is the first year that all TV Academy members can vote for the Best Drama and Best Comedy series.

In what was a very competitive year, the final season of previous winner Mad Men and the debut season of Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul were also nominated in the category. Shifting from Comedy to Drama this year, Season 2 of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black was also a contender as was fellow streaming service series House Of Cards‘ third season. The 2012 Best Drama winner Homeland was in play this year too along with past nominee Downton Abbey, which began airing its sixth and final season today in the UK.

GAME OF THRONES Breaks Record for Most Wins in a Single Year



The HBO drama based on George R. R. Martin’s books made some history Sunday at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards. With its win for David Nutter in the Best Directing Drama category, Game Of Thrones has won 10 Emmys this year – the most any series has won in a single year. Nutter won for the Mother’s Mercy Season 5 finale. The show took home eight wins at the Creative Emmys last week.

The blockbuster show tied The West Wing‘s record of nine wins in 2000 with the victory of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in the Writing for Drama Series category. The NBC D.C.-set series won Outstanding Drama that year but lost both lead acting categories; Game of Thrones has no lead acting nominees however Lena Headey was up for Best Supporting Actress Drama tonight. The actress who plays former Queen Cersei Lannister lost tonight to Orange Is The New Black’s Uzo Aduba.

VEEP Wins Best Comedy Series, Ending MODERN FAMILY Streak



Modern Family will have to wait to set the record for most wins in the Outstanding Comedy Series category, as HBO’s Veep took home the Emmy award tonight at the 67th Primetime Emmys. The win is the culmination of a big night for the HBO series, which has already taken home Emmys for comedy writing for Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, and Tony Roche, supporting actor for Tony Hale, and lead actor for star Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Series creator Armando Iannucci accepted the award on behalf of the show, saying that Veep is ‘a show about the hope… that anyone in American can work hard and just miss out at getting the top job.’

Veep‘s win was followed by a win for Game of Thrones in the best drama category, ultimately giving the premium cable channel more statuettes than all other networks and services combined.

Other nominees included Louie Parks & Rec, which ended its seven-season run earlier this year, Silicon Valley, Amazon’s Transparent, and Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Jon Hamm Wins Best Drama Series Actor for MAD MEN



Jon Hamm: Emmy loser no more after nabbing tonight’s best drama-series actor win for his final season playing iconic anti-hero Don Draper.  It was Hamm’s eighth at-bat for the role on AMC’s Mad Men and this year he was considered the front-runner and sentimental fave too, though the category included previous winners Jeff Daniels (Newsroom) and Kyle Chandler (Bloodline), as well as Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk, Ray Donovan’s Liev Schrieber and House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey.

Hamm won though as handsome as ever — ‘too hot’ being among the theories as to why Hamm had failed to secure this win in seven previous tries (Sorry, Mr. Cranston), as well as a handful of guest acting noms for Tina Fey comedies 30 Rock, and one for her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, for which he was passed over last weekend at the Creative Arts Awards.

‘Terrible mistake,’ Hamm said after climbing on stage and receiving the night’s first standing ovation (okay, except the one for the Emmy accountants at the urging of CBS late-night host James Corden).

Hamm thanked, among many others, ‘the network and studio who put this on –  Lionsgate and AMC. Am I saying that right?’ Hamm joked.

‘I was pulling for Chandler – I just dig that dude,’ Emmy host Andy Samberg joked as Hamm exited the stage, referencing nominee Kyle Chandler.

Hamm this year submitted the series finale episode, Person to Person, in which he suffers existential crisis and has a creative epiphany at a spiritual retreat.

‘What Is This? An Intervention?!’: Jon Stewart to EMMY Press Room Pushing Him on Future Plans



Jon Stewart was in the hot seat tonight in the Emmy press room as reporters continued to needle him about his future post The Daily Show. With Donald Trump making a bid for president, is Stewart going through withdrawal? Is Stewart directing more movies? Tonight, the Comedy Central late night talk show went out on a high note taking outstanding variety talk series, as well as respective writing and directing trophies.

‘What is this? An intervention?!’ shouted Stewart, ‘It’s only been six weeks! I’m not sure what’s next. I might wind up on a boat somewhere.’

‘If I only knew what daily life was like (before the show),’ said Stewart about his current open schedule, ‘You know you can get smoothies in the middle of the day.’

In regards to sticking around so he can kick Trump every night among other great organic material in the political landscape, Stewart still has no regrets about stepping away from The Daily Show chair: ‘I would consider getting into a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this one is going bonkers…I’m not on TV, but I’m going to do a lot of it in my living room, shouting at it.’

Technically, Stewart could submit for the Emmys next year, in particular his final episode, but he told the press room quite firmly: ‘I’m not submitting episodes. This is it. I know I should be going out on a higher note.’

As far as providing advice to incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah, Stewart said, ‘It’s not a question about giving him advice, rather being there to support. He’s the best man in the business. The last thing he needs is an old Pope peering around the corner at the new Pope.’

During the last month of production of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, the former host said “There was a lot of ultimate Frisbee. We were just getting the show down without beeing too circumspect, to do the best show we can, not to be too melancholy. I don’t think we reflected on it after Born to Run.”

Tracy Morgan Makes Surprise Appearance at Emmys After Deadly Car Crash [VIDEO]



One year after surviving a deadly car crash, Tracy Morgan made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 20. The comedian walked out on stage without the use of a cane, and received a standing ovation from the star-studded crowd at L.A.’s Microsoft Theater.

Morgan, 46, was on hand to announced the Best Drama category. “Thank you so much. I miss you guys so much,” he tearfully said. “Last year Jimmy Kimmel said on this stage, ‘We’ll see you back on this stage next year, Tracy Morgan.’ Well, Jimmy, thanks to my amazing doctors, and the support of my family and beautiful wife, I’m here. Standing on my own two feet.”

The comedian received a round of applause, with longtime friends such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Jane Krakowski getting emotional in their seats.

“God bless all of you for your love, prayers, and thoughts for the past 15 months. I’m honored to be at the Emmys. It’s been a long road back,” Morgan continued. “I suffered a traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma for eight days and I finally regained conscious. I was ecstatic to learn that I wasn’t the one that messed up!”

He joked: “Only recently I’ve felt like myself again, which means a whole lot of women are gonna get pregnant at the afterparty!

Fred Armisen Honors Wes Craven on Emmys’ Red Carpet with Freddy Krueger Glove


The 2015 Emmys are well under way, and as always the red carpet is kicking the whole thing off. We’ve seen some great tuxes, some great grooming plays, and thanks to Portlandia’s Fred Armisen, one great tribute to master of horror Wes Craven.

Craven, who’s responsible for scary-ass films like The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, and of course Nightmare on Elm Street, died at the end of August. And though at first appearances Armisen’s costuming may have seemed like some sort of red carpet gag, we’ve gotta say it’s a pretty fitting tribute—anything that makes the red carpet a little more exciting these days is welcome. It also should be noted that Armisen looked like a million bucks (with or without the hand).

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